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About me

My name is Luke. As a person and image maker I am very 

interested in fairy tales, legends and sagas. Still do now, only now I'm mainly focusing on lesser known fairy tales or fairy tales from other parts of the world. But why would I want to illustrate unknown fairy tales? Take Snow White for example. This fairy tale has already been portrayed very well by Disney. Everyone still watches it to this day. That is why I would like to take a closer look at other fairy tales.


I am for equality. I think it's important that everyone is treated equally. In the real world this is not always the case. That gives me the ambition to make images to make people realize that the world we live in is still 

enough to improve. In the field of sexism, discrimination en 

inequality I make images that I find important. I believe I'm on this 

way to let people understand what it looks like and how it feels. That is my mission as a maker.

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